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(b.1970, Dominican Republic)


Selected Solo Exhibitions


2010 Solo Exhibition “Orange Dream” Altos de Chavon; Dominican Republic.

2008 Solo Exhibition “ Tropical Heat”, Neilson Hays Library Rotunda Gallery, Bangkok; Thailand 


Duo Exhibitions


2011- 2012  “Two Windows”, Design Zone Gallery, Bangkok; Thailand.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022  “Looking Beyond Borders”  Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2022  “Artists Aboard” Sala de los Mosaicos ,The North Station, Valencia, Spain.

2022  “Realiance” The 3rd International Virtual Digital Art Exhibition - Asedas, Thailand.

2022   “Personal Structures” 59th Venice Biennale, Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy.

2022   “ Microtopia” International Miniature Art Fest, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

2021   “Cities Online” V Biennal de valencia, Valencia Spain.

2021   “Miradas Multiples” International Art Fair in Olivia, Spain.


2020    “2nd Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale”Dafen Art Museum.  Shenzhen, China.

2020    “4th China Hangzhou Qianjiang International Art Biennale” Virtual Art Exhibition. Hangzhou, China.  

2020    “2do. Encuentro Internacional de Arte y Cultura”. Virtual Art Exhibition. Fundación Bellas Artes Ecuador. Guayaquil,Ecuador.

2020    “Art for Art” International Virtual Art Exhibition, Oyster Art Gallery. Lahore, Pakistan.

2020    “Quarantine, Creativity, Hope and Challenge” Virtual Art Exhibition, House of Culture Beni Mellal. Morocco.

2020    “ Creativity Under Lockdown” UNESCO  and MEADOWS  Exhibition. Beirut. Lebanon, 

2019    Biennal de Valencia  Ciutat Vella Oberta, Centro del Carme Cultural Contemporania, Valencia, Spain.

2019    Contemporary Art Workshop and Exhibition. Andaman Art Museum and Andaman Art Cultural Center. Krabi, Thailand.

2019    “Cultural Dialogues” International Art Fair in Olivia, Spain

2019    “Sinergia” International Painting Exhibition and Artists Gathering. CETYS University, Baja California, Mexico.

2018    “Time - Space - Existence”, Le Salon Nationale des Beaux Arts  at the Carrousel du Louvre. Paris, France.

2018    “Peace, Freedom, Humanities, Environmental Protection”   Qianjiang International Art Exhibition. Qianjiang International Art                          Museum. Hangzhou, China.

2018    “The City from the Window”, Collaboration with The Art and Environmental Research Center of Polytechnic University of                              Valencia. Valencia, Spain.

2018    “ Personal; Structures “ Tempo - Spazio - Esistenza”, Casa Bossi - Novara, Italy.

2018    The Fifth Silk Road International  Festival. Shaanxi Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, Xian, China.

2018    Meadows Personal Structures, Villa Giulia (Pallanza), Verbania, Italy.

2018    13th  International Art Festival & Workshop in Thailand. Poh-Chang Academy of Arts Gallery,  Rajamangala University. Bangkok,                Thailand.

2017    Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exchange and workshop, Honggiao Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, China.

2017    20th Century World Peace Art Exhibition, KEPCO Art Center, Seoul; South Korea.

2017   “Bloom Vizcaya” Collaboration with Processional Arts Workshop, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Miami, Florida; USA

2017   “Personal Structures” 57th Venice Biennale, Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy.

2016     G20 International Art Exhibition, Hangzhou Qianjiang International Art Museum, Hangzhou, China

2015     Art Nanchang International  Art Fair, Nanchang; China

2015    Strait Painting and Calligraphy Art Industry Expo, Xiamen; China

2015    2nd International Silk Roads Art Festival, The People’s Republic of China Ministry of Culture and the Shaanxi Provincial. China.

2015   10th International Art Festival and Workshop in Thailand. Poh Chang Art Institute Gallery, Rajamangala University, Bangkok;                       Thailand.

2014   1st Malaysian Art Biennale, Langkawi; Malaysia

2014    Qingdao International Art Biennale, Qingdao Contemporary Art Museum , Qingdao; China.

2014    International Banner Art Exhibition. World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue and Development. UNESCO. Beirut, Lebanon    

2014    China Art Industry Expo,2014 Beijing, Ministry of Culture of the PRC, & Beijing Municipal Government, Beijing;  China

2014    Haiyan International Art Fundraising 2014, Fundraising exhibition in support of Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines

2013   1st International Art Workshop, Naresuan University Art Gallery,Phitsanulok; Thailand. 

2013   9th International Art Festival Workshop in Thailand. Poh Chang Art Institute Gallery, Rajamangala University, Bangkok;  Thailand. 

2013   1st Changzhou International Art Festival and Workshop, Exhibition Huaxia Boasheng Museum. Changzhou; China

2013   “SUBWAYS OF CREATIVITY” Collaborative Projet “Shared Artist Books” University of Valencia, Bellas Artes  de San Carlos,                          Valencia; Spain. 

2013     2nd International Izmir Biennale of Arts, Izmir; Turkey

2012     8th International Art Festival Workshop in Thailand. Poh Chang Art Institute Gallery, Rajamangala University, Bangkok;  Thailand.

2012    1st Ecorea Jeonbuk International Biennale, Sorj Arts Center of Jeonllabuk-do and International Beakam Art Museum; South Korea.

2012     May Collaborative Yurt and Container Installations Bycokam International Art Museum Wanju, South Korea.

2012    “Beyond Borders, Painting Over Jeonbuk” Site: DMZ between North & South Korea.

2011    7th International Art Festival Workshop in Thailand. Poh Chang Art Institute Gallery, Rajamangala University, Bangkok; Thailand.

2011    “May Arts” 6  Artist Exhibition , Juamjuree Art Gallery, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok; Thailand

2011    “Peace Art Show” Amarin Plaza, Bangkok; Thailand 

2011    “Friends” Rajamangala University of Technology. Phra Nakhon; Thailand

2010     6th International Art Festival Workshop in Thailand, Mai Fung Fath Art Gallery Chiang Rai; Thailand.

2010     The Art Cultural Exhibition Hall,  Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai; Thailand

2009     “Celebrations”  Neilson Hays Library 140 Years Anniversary, Neilson Hays Library Gallery. Bangkok; Thailand


Selected Awards


2017    Excellence Award, Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition, Shanghai, China.

2016    Outstanding Works Award, G20 International Art Exhibition, Hangzhou; China

2014    “Best of Show” China Art Expo, Beijing; China.

2012     Honorary Ambassador, Ecorea Jeonbuk Biennale; South Korea.


Public Collections


The Andaman Museum Of Art, Krabi, Thailand

Cetys Universidad Art Gallery, Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

Centro Estatal de las Artes del Instituto de Cultura de Baja California, Mexico.

Hongquio Contemporary Museum Of Art, Shanghai, China

Shaanxi provincial Museum Of Fine Arts. Xian, China

Hangzhou Qianjiang International Art Museum, Hangzhou, China

Xi’an Contemporary Art Museum, Xi’an, China

Huaxia Baosheng Art Museum, Changzhou, China

Sori Arts Center Of Jeallabuk-do. South Korea.

Naresuan University Art Gallery, Phitsanulok, Thailand.

Poh Chang Academy Of Arts, Bangkok, Thailand

The Art Cultural Hall, Chiang Mai University. Chiang Mai, Thailand.





1992 BSc. Universidad Católica Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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