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In my paintings, I play with lines and forms and color to coax some drama from the canvas. I let the materials do what they must, with my guidance, it is a balancing act between the materials tendencies and my ability to perceive and see where and what the next possibilities.

My background in Jewelry design and in the furniture  industry is reflected in my work. The simplest of shape are another part of the universal language and while I work in abstractions, the shapes are never purely abstract. They pull the mind in the direction of concepts, memories and elements of nature, and this tug and tension is something I work within, and am guided by, as I seek to create something beautiful and powerful.

My fascination for colors coming stem from my childhood on a Caribbean Island  with its sea colors, sunsets and year-round brightness. It developed further in my cross-cultural experiences living in Europe, Asia and North America, as I come to realize that colors are a universal language with many dialects, but that they speak directly to the soul.

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